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T minus Three Months!

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It’s hard to believe that I am three months away from starting Alycat’s Walkabout. I have been so focused on getting things in order that I didn’t realize how quickly it was coming. It wasn’t until the three month countdown reminder popped up on my phone that it sunk in: Australia is coming fast! That was followed by a small panic attack over how much there is left to do. I have planned enough trips and big events to know that I won’t get everything done, but going to the other side of the world for five weeks does require more preparations then your normal trip.

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Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife

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I love the United States National Park system!!!

Yes, that sentence ended with several exclamation points. Those who know me well can attest to my passion. I’ve been a National Park annual pass member since I was old enough to buy my own (and living 400 miles away from home made it harder to borrow my parents’). I am an avid passport stamp collector (if you don’t know what that is, click here to learn all about this awesome program). It’s well beyond the “I have the little books they sell at the counters of the visitor’s centers” level of interest. It’s the “wow, you have the big, zip-up book and a spread sheet you created to easily check off parks as you visit them” level of interest. Yes, I am a National Parks geek, but honestly, how can you not get excited about visiting the best outdoors and history this country has to offer?

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New Zealand, here we come!

Well, it has been an exciting week of planning for Alycat’s Walkabout! There is so much I am excited about, I hardly know where to start.

Our first big announcement is that we have added a week in New Zealand to the trip! After doing a great deal of research and speaking with friends who live in that part of the world, it was determined that skipping New Zealand was not an option.
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